March 06, 2014

Pink heels from Spring

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Hello, dears!
I'm so sorry for the lack of everything here on the blog but since I delivered my thesis last week, I've been so so sick - there's a flu virus going around and I think I caught it. I'm feeling a little better but the cough is just killing me and my head. Still, gotta put some "real" clothes on, get out and just breath the fresh and springish air that is floating around.

After being in quarantine since Monday, today I just needed to get out - and I had to do some errands. Put some make-up, some of my favorites pieces and stroll a little through the city. After a week of no photos and no nothing, we decided to take some. I know it's a similar look to some I did a few weeks ago - click here to see the outfit -, but I just looove those jeans. I cannot get enough of them! And my pink pale heels are making a first appearance on the blog. Great color! 
This is one of my favorite outfit combo. It works perfectly for me in almost every occasion. I combined some boyfriend jeans - trashed by me - with a men's grey t-shirt, a silk blouse, a black blazer - my favorite piece and its so versatile - pink heels, sunglasses and I'm ready to go! 

And finally I can show you my haircut! Went back to the hairstyle I had two Summer's ago. After some crazy experience in shaving it, letting it grow for six months, I just had to come to a sense on what I wanted to look like and focusing on me and how I feel pretty. So, after a brainstorming with myself that lastest almost a week, I just went back to "Frankie Sandford" hairstyle again. Wore that for two years in a row before shaving it and now I'm back with it! Its la beautiful and sexy combo between long and short with a twist. Just my kinda' hair.

Gonna watch a movie while cuddling with my kitty and them start doing my thesis presentation.

Lots of love,

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