January 17, 2015


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Hello, dears! I hope you are having a great weekend. Today I want to share something different and that may come in handy
 for those who want a particular dress to a special day or night. I was reached by Aviva Dress - you can check their site by clicking at http://www.avivadress.co.uk/. They are an UK online shop that it's actually "the world's leading online wedding apparel destination". But they don't have only wedding dresses, or even dress to wedding guests. They have dresses for cocktail parties, formal dresses, evening dresses... In different sizes, colors, shapes and materials. Their goals are to provide, and quoting, a "complete one-stop for all brides, bridesmaids and special occasion events", to make the wedding experience the best possible it can be, as any other occasions you may go, to provide with the best dresses and materials and a low price - materials as satin from Italy, beads and sequin from Japan and Swarovski crystals from Austria -, with a "ethical, honest and trusting relationship". You can find more about their company by clicking here as well as costumers photos with their dresses, confirming their quality and products. And they are on sales! Super sales, if I may say: up to 85% on dresses from all categories! Don't miss this opportunity to take a look at their selection and you my find a dress you love. One of their main characteristics is that their size range goes from petite size to custom made, providing an enormous selection of dresses to every woman in every height and weight. No one gets excluded and everyone gets the change of looking amazingly beautiful and stylish. And this came quite in handy because I have a wedding to attend in April and I'm still deciding on what to wear. I've seen so many dress and jumpsuits, and I'm adding this particular selection of Aviva Dress to my list. These dresses are a choice according to my style and preference on special occasion clothing. Always trying to keep it simple and classic! My choices are at knee high: one black fitted dress with lace details on the arms, shoulders and back, and a flare dresses: a black beauty with retro vibe, chiffon details and slightly open back; a nude and black strapless dress with sequins and black lace details on the neckline, and a bow on the back; and, a all nude with tulle on the bottom and sequins on the neckline as well. For someone that doesn't wear a lot of color, these shades are perfect. But they have the same dresses in other colors. Don't miss out these opportunity, girls! Have a wonderful day.


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