November 15, 2013

Annecy, The Venice from The Alpes

Ile des Cygnes, Lac d'Annecy

Good morning, dears! 
Today I want to share with you our last photos from our trip to Switzerland. As we were staying in Geneva, we decided to make a little get away to Annecy, in France (a hour away road trip on bus). They call it the Venice from The Alpes, and they're right! Crystal like water, perfect Fall trees all over the place, amazing historic buildings, lovely streets, canals everywhere, smell of food in every corner  due to the many Italian restaurants. I advice you to go there! You won't regret it.
We had a beautiful sunny Fall morning, but by the beginning of the afternoon it turned grey and as we arrived to Geneva was already raining. Needless to say that we spent the rest of the day in our hotel room just fooling around. 

I cannot wait for our next adventure!

Have a lovely Friday.


Fooling around in the sun/trying to take outfit photos

And of course I took a photo on the bridge with my love!

Photos from the park and Lac d'Annecy
- you can see the Alpes

Le Chateau

One of Annecy's Canal 
- on our way to the historical center of the city. Swans were everywhere! So magical...

Palais d'Ile
- it used to be a prision

Another canal

A detail when we were on our way to the castle

Detail photo of the castle

Rooftops of historical Annecy 

Le Beau Soleil
- The Italian restaurant we had lunch in was near one of Annecy's canal. Perfect place to just eat, relax and talk about life. And may I say that I ate the best spaghetti of my life! Not even mentioning my boyfriend's pizza... Yummy!

Photos from Annecy's streets and canals

Black cats are gorgeous!

Photos taken and edit by me

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