November 21, 2013

Today's Outfit

Good morning, sweeties!
Here is a cold and windy morning and I'm about to stay home for the next few days and I have a injure on my left foot (see the photo here). Now the only thing I can wear are those wedge sneakers from Pull&Bear - very comfortable, may I say! 

Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to Lisbon - I needed to go to IKEA to buy some frames for my drawings, I will soon show you the results - and decided to stroll through Rua Augusta and take some photos on Praça do Comércio. It was a beautiful Fall sunny day - 20ºC - and of course the knit scarf was out of question, though it was really could in the morning. 

I decide to go for a casual look - I had to match the rest of the look to my wedge sneakers - and was quite happy with the result. As I said on my previous post I'm on a white mood but my white winter/fall clothes are very few and didn't match the look I was going for. 

Have a wonderful day!


Photography by Rui Ferreira

Sunglasses - Ray Ban Aviator (borrowed from my boyfriend)
Leather Jacket - Stradivarius W/F 13
Sweater - Mango W/F 12
Jeans - Pull&Bear (old)
Wedge Sneakers - Pull&Bear W/F 12
Bag - Zara S/S 13 


  1. I like your wedges:)

  2. Super cute outfit..Love the wedge sneakers...I need a brown pair of them in my closet. RoRo’s World