November 26, 2013

Today's Outfit

Good afternoon, dears!
Sorry for the bad updated on the blog, but I've been resting my foot and trying not to wear any shoes besides slippers. But happily I found the perfect material to dress my wounds and I'm able to wear shoes again - happy girl, ahah! 

This was a look I had planned yesterday. Is an almost all Mango look, except the coat and shoes. Love those white wide leg trousers - though they're a little fresh for the cold weather - and my favorite knit from their last s/s collection. Wearing wide leg trousers and over sized coats looks very comfortable and at the same time classic - a favorite combination right now. And I just love those cat eye sunglasses from Parfois. 

And yes, my hair is a mess. I'm trying to let it grow and it's driving me crazy... I'm thinking changing to my natural color again - maybe it will be easier for me to let it grow without seeing the roots of my hair every month. 

Having a cat that loves to sleep and roll over over your clothes it's a down, and that's one of the reasons my coat has those little and annoying white cat hairs - small life dilemma! 

Have a warm day!


Photography by Rui Ferreira

Coat - Zara Woman W/F 13
Knit - Mango S/S 13
Trousers - Mango S/S 13
Ankle boots - Inside  W/F 13
Sunglasses - Parfois W/F 13
Watch - Parfois W/F 13 (here)


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  3. such a gorgeous look - love the coat!