February 23, 2014

Layers of Neutrals

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Hello, dears!
The weather is turning grey and windy like it was a couple of weeks ago - which caused damages all over the country - and with this being a critical week, in academical terms ( I delivering my thesis!!), I really needed good weather and warm sun for the amount of bureaucracies and errands I will be doing. Not fast winds, grey sky and probably rain. It just makes me moody... 
Still enjoying the last bits of this sunny Sunday - already cold and windy - we decided to take some quick photos of today's look. And may I add that I love the leather jacket + oversized coat combination! So cool and super warm - and a super way to wear your coat open and still be warm. I will be doing this more often. I cut my jeans at my ankles size - they were too big - so that I could were them without having to roll up the bottom. And that turtleneck was a purchase from Zara's sales and one the best - and I'm wearing it for the first time since I bought it like a month ago (shame on me!). It's very soft, square shaped and the color is gorgeous! 
Now, I'm cuddling in bed (already in bed, yes. And it's only 7pm... I don't care) with my cat, enjoying some music and relaxing.

Have a warm Sunday and see you tomorrow!



  1. Awesome outfit
    Super cool pics

  2. i love the look, so sophisticated! i am so happy that i've found your blog a few weeks a ago,
    it is actually like a gold mine! :)


    1. You have no idea how happy I am for your words! Thank you so much!!

      maria xx