March 10, 2014

Neutral Silhouette

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Happy Monday, loves!

How was your day? I just started doing my thesis presentation - not that motivated 'cause I'm still sick. The sun is still shinning but it was windy. But hot enough for the legs to come out. I'm so happy that I still have a little of tan from last Summer (so happy!!). Tan makes every pair of legs look super hot, don't you agree? 

This was one of those looks that you open the closet and pull the first piece you see. And since the weather is springish I just knew what I wanted to wear. A neutral outfit, with a basic black blouse, a chunky knit, size L, with an open back, my skorts from eBay - when I bought them I couldn't find any white ones and in my size, so eBay was my best friend! - and my Zara sandals. 
And today we adventured ourselves into the small streets of the historical center of our hometown. It took quite sometime to find a street without any people, or clothes hanging to dry or cars. 

Now, trying to do some work and watch a movie later.

Lots of love,


  1. Super cool pics :)
    Nice Outfit too