March 30, 2014

Postcards from the Mountain

Happy Sunday, guys!

A Sunday spent at home working on a personal project and wishing it all goes well once it's ready to be presented. Good things come to those who work their asses off, am I right? 

Today I want to share with you some photos I took when we went on a road-trip to the north/center of our country, more precisely Serra da Estrela, earlier this month. It's a huge difference in terms of Architecture and weather - much darker and cold, but so so green. Beautiful! My eyes were stuck to the car window - when I wasn't sleeping.
It was a weekend off with my boyfriend's family and my sister-in-law's boyfriend, just to relax and enjoying ourselves. I was sick as hell during those two days, I barely could speak and sometimes I thought I would cough my lungs out (ew, but truth!). Actually I got sick the day before (which was the day I delivered my thesis. Crappy immune system!!). Damn luck! Still I went with them with as much warmer clothes as I could lay my hands on, beanie, the warmest knit scarf I could find, and my brothers huge Deeply jacket - he doesn't wear it anymore so I saw an opportunity and took it, hehe - which kept me warm and cozy during that weekend.

We stayed at a rural place that has been converted into Rural Tourism. Rustic outside, modern inside (click here to see more photo of the place)! Amazing restoration of the buildings by keeping the original structure - old church and their buildings turned into rooms, small apartments, restaurant, there was also a place for a pool side and coffee shop. Natural ingredients, delicious food, great environment and amazing people. Surrounded by beautiful nature, animals and silence. Just the perfect place for a getaway, even with grey skies and rain. 

I had so much fun on the snow...! I could barely breath due to laughing so much and stay put on my two feet 'cause of the amount of snow. So cool... I had a blast! Seeing my father-in-law sliding around like a kid was the best, for sure! 

And the result of this trip was staying home, in bed for the next four days, killing the f* flu. Oh well, but it was worth it. Cannot wait for the next time!

I hope you like the photos (:

Lots of Love,

Detail photos of the Quinta de São Estevão

A small waterfall on the side of the road. We actually went under the bridge to take the photos
Me, goofing around and trying not to fall into the freezing water, haha! I look like a boy...

Random photos when we were on our way to the mountain range

The boys having fun / Part of the mountain range, from the car window

All photos taken and edit by Maria Marques


  1. Breathtaking photographs! (:

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