March 13, 2014

"She's just another girl"

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Good morning, sweeties!
"She's just another girl" is the chorus of a The Killers song "Just Another Girl" that I'm just listening non-stop since yesterday. They're one of my favorite bands! Usually I choose some tittle referring  to some type of clothing that I'm wearing but this one just came naturally - and yes, I was listening to the song.

Yesterday we went to Setúbal, again. It's starting to be kinda of a routine for us since my boyfriends father needs to go there every two days a week (or more!). And since the weather is super cool and the sun is shinning - tough I ended yesterday with a terrible headache. not good at all since I'm still sick - we went for a ride through the mountain range, enjoying the views of the beaches bellow and talking about last summer and how we cannot wait for it again (since it may be our last here in Portugal. if everything goes according to plan...). 
And yesterday I has an epiphany and #armcandy my arm (like the amazing The Man Reppeller says). I used to wear tones of bracelets in my arms before I went through this phase "I only wear my watch and nothing more!". Keeping the "keep it simple" super simple. But sometimes its just great, and you actually feel powerful (a strong word, but the one that suits best) and feminine when wearing jewelry. I surely felt that way. But since most of my bracelets collection was sold, now I need to rebuilt it again. And maybe making some of my own - like I used to.

But talking about the outfit. It's just another minimal black, white and grey look. But with my super cool, still slightly uncomfortable, ankle boots - my feet have a huge arch due to many years of dancing so they kinda press a little, but it's okay (I can handle it before my feet start turning purple and green). 
I just rolled up the trousers, put a simple white V neck t-shirt, a grey blazer, pulled that sleeves up, armed my wrist, put on some red lipstick (I really need to wear more lipstick, still not that good for my boyfriend 'cause then he gets red all over his lips. haha!), my bag and I'm ready to go. 

These photos turned out with such a great light. And was only 4 p.m. and it looks like sunset! Just gorgeous. And can I say that I love my hair on this photos? I love my hair!! (there, I said it!). So glad I cut it out.

Have a wonderful day!
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Lots of love,


  1. Hey! great blog and outfits :)
    would you like to follow eachother on Facebook and Bloglovin? just let me know! xx

  2. I love you hair too! And I love the minimal style, these photos came out really nice.