April 16, 2014

Colbalt Blue & Gold

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Hello, my gorgeous readers!
Here you have another look we shot last week, when the sun was shinning and it was hot enough to wear bare legs. Love that oversized blue blouse (it's one of my favorite summer pieces and I have it for quite sometime) and those heels... no words to described! I'm glad i followed my boyfriend's intuition 'cause I was fixated on the black version of them (they were so cool! but didn't had my size...). But when I tried these babies I fell in love with the color. Bringing some color to you, just to give a little change to my tendency to go monochromatic or neutral.

Today I'll be styling a photoshoot for a great friend so later today expect to see some backstage photos and lot of goofiness. 

Now, time to catch the bus to the studio. See you later, guys!



  1. I really like this comfy and chic outfit! This blue color is gorgeous!