May 10, 2014

Black Boxy Dress

Hello hello! I'm back!
I'm so sorry for the huge radio silence on the blog but these last couple of weeks have been chaotic and a lot happened that changed my life completely. I needed the time to be away from everything and almost everyone just to figure out my goals.
But now I'm back on track! And there's nothing better that to go back to my routine of taking photos, planning looks, stroll through the city, sketching and finishing university. Yesterday the weather was so good (30ÂșC and I see Summer just around the corner!) that all I wanted was to be at some beach, sunbathing and relaxing! It's about time to get my tan back. 
For a stroll through my hometown I picked up a dress that I bought last season. I've only wore it once, on a dinner date a few weeks ago, but on days like yesterday it's good to have something light on your body which floats with the wind. This dress was the perfect pick. Tough it's super minimal, it has a asymmetrical cut on the sleeves and the fabric is super soft. I paired it with some platform ankle-strapped heels (it was one of those days that it felt like dressing up for no reason) and my baroque sunglasses. All black! Perfect.

And I have some great news to share with you guys! First of them is that I was reached by rewardStyle. How cool was that? It's invitation only online platform that allows you to monetize your blog and other social networks. And second, I've been contacted by NueMagazine to select some of my Summer looks and to sent them for selection, among other bloggers, and a couple of days ago I received their confirmation that I'll be featured on their first publication in June, on USA and Canada and on their online issue! I mean, I couldn't be more thrilled and excited for this. And after so many bad things, something good comes out to shed some light on you and your work, making everything fall into place. 

Now, time to spend some quality time with my little nephew and my family!

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See you guys later.


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  1. Super cool pics and very nice outfit too
    great work on your blog
    keep doing :)