June 05, 2014

During May...

Good morning, dears!
I'm currently focusing on my thesis presentation (which is tomorrow) and that's why I'm not posting to much on the blog. But after tomorrow it all will change! And I'll have more time for the blog and to focus on my little life project. 
Changing subject, here you have a small recap of what I wore during May. Pretty simple and effortless looks, 'cause basics tend to be the best option for minimal and clean outfits! I know a did a similar post a few days ago but that one was a mix of April and May.  
I already have some photos to show you and I'm aiming to do a different post on the blog with daily photos (I'm always with the camera on my shoulder and phone on my hand, and I'm always taking photos; so it's time for me to share some daily pics of my life with you). 

Have a wonderful sunny day!

See you tomorrow.



  1. Just started following your blog in May and loved your style! Looking forward to your June outfits too! :)