August 31, 2014

(the home, 3rd floor)

Happy Sunday!
I'm currently working at the museum but I wanted to share some snaps from my stay in Lisbon with the girls. After a difficult period of my life I reconnected with two of my greatest friends who I know for quite sometime now. And after a lot of invitations I finally managed to go and spent a few days with them. Crazy, happy and full of adventures kinda of days! Those girls are crazy (in a good way of course!) and I couldn't be happier to have them in my life. 
I took photos mostly during the day, and I had to keep up with them otherwise I would always stay behind taking photos and looking around (that's me: the eternal curious girl always trying to capture the details of everything).  It was all about relaxing at home, staying in bed, life/love talking, going out at night, enjoying the company and having fun. Those days surely refilled my batteries! And, I'll be back!


(room view)

(graffiti street #1)
(the lovely Mia)
(always taking these kind of photos)
(Lisbon buildings #1)
(sister from another mother)
(graffiti street #2)
(in love with these skulls!)
(so many goodies!)
(Lisbon buildings #2)
(she loved the camera!)
(morning details with Mia)
(another photo from the window)
(cool store!)
(so much love for this girl!)
(cherry bomb!)
(feeling happy)
(details from the coolest hair saloon ever!)
(another one of these...)
(the trio!)
(Lisbon buildings #3)


  1. Que fotos fantásticas ;) dá vontade de ir conhecer estas partes de Lisboa ;)

    1. Obrigada Marlene!
      Vou poucas vezes a Lisboa, mas esta zona tornou-se nas minhas favoritas até agora ;)

      maria xx