September 03, 2014


leather skirt - here | dress - here | t-shirt - here | leather jacket - here | heels - here | boots - here | necklace - here

Here are some of my current goodies on my To Buy List. Fitted black dresses are my favorites (and I may I have a pretty good collection of them by now, but there's always a new beauty to buy! I just can't get enough of them) and this one has that retro cut on the neckline which is something that I love! Printed t-shirts: yes, I need to have more of these! I've got a lot of basics T's in black and white but only one (yes, only one) with a print. The leather skirt is a must have this season and I'm in a need of a new leather jacket. And, those heels... Zara just did it again! This is one I have in mind (it's my favorite type of stilettos and goes perfect with EVERYTHING! It really does). And the boots... I had a similar pair when I was 15 years old and now I regret that I had to throw them away. The necklace is just to had a light detail to my outfits, even though I don't were accessories that much I'm in love with these. I might have been brain washed by fashion 'cause I see them everywhere and I couldn't resist in adding one to my list.



  1. Lots of cool stuff! I love black clothes, I feel really good in it.


    1. Glad you liked them!
      Me too! They give a sense of elegance and a edgy touch to an outfit.

      maria xx

  2. Perfect, i love it too ;-)

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