“We gave the Future to the winds, and slumbered tranquilly in the Present, weaving the dull world around us into dreams.” 
― Edgar Allan PoeThe Mystery of Marie Roget

Marie Roget highlights the casual chic style with masculine wear of a Portugal based girl plus her travel experiences, fashion tips and more. 

My name is Maria Marques, a Portuguese girl proudly born in the 80's. 
As all of you, the main purpose of starting a lifestyle and personal fashion blog is to show to others your personal style and what inspires you everyday. Besides that, I aimed myself to share with you photos of my country along with my love for Travel. 
The name of the blog comes from an Edgar Allan Poe tale named "The Mystery of Marie Roget". My favorite writer from the Romantic period. When it comes to the blog tittle, I wanted to incorporate something personal and keeping the name "Maria" was something I wanted, and this tittle couldn't be more perfect, yet something different and catchy.
Besides, it has that little French touch. Parfait! 
Aside my passion for drawing and dancing, my love for fashion grew as I grew older, and as my professional life started to depend on how I looked. So I've tried to keep it classy and clean with minimal basics and modern singular pieces. 
The classic vibes and casual basics of the French Style are the basis for everyday style. The infinity of the basics is amazing... Keep it simple is the motto! 
Creating this blog gave me something to focus on everyday, and it forces me to improve myself. Not only on my image but as a person. It's challenging but it's a great way for you to know yourself better and to know your limits and tastes.
Minimal, classic and clean street style is my personal image.