November 12, 2013

Diary trip of Geneva

Facade of Musée Ariana

Good evening, dears.
Big post, guys!
Finally I manage to see and choose the photos of our stay in Geneva. Just pick some details photos of the city and its beauty. I'll be soon posting a photo diary of our trip to Annecy as soon as I can (:

Have a wonderful day.


Lisbon at 9 a.m.. On our way to Geneva

Geneva's Lac Léman from the window of the plane

Rue Lausanne

Details from the avenue, hotels and parks near Lac Léman

Morning light of our second day
- 8 a.m. in Gevena (on our way to take the bus to Annecy)

Photos of our 3rd day in Geneva -
Square in from of Palais des Nations

The Chair!

Musée de Croix Rouge - detail photo

Another photo of Musée Ariana 

Random photo of Geneva's canal

Architectural detail

Cartier embracing Christmas spirit

Flower Clock

Avenue photos 

Jet d'Eau

Detail photo of Geneva's St. Pierre Catedral

Warm sunlight in the historical center of Geneva

Fall sunlight in Geneva - 
my boyfriend and his sister on the second photo. I'm the one who always stays behind taking photos, haha!

This made my day. I'm a huge fan of Degas!

Van Gogh


Photos of some of the galeries of Musée d'Art et d'Histoire

Photos taken and edit by me


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