January 29, 2014

Chunky Knit & Bare Legs

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Cold, cold Wednesday guys! 
OMG, very bad idea to wear bare legs. Still I was super warm on my torso. That knit just became my favorite piece for the rest of the Winter - and since the real winter has began this month this is a super essential! Though the sun was shinning, the windy was to damn chilly - I think I stopped feeling my feet a few seconds after we left the warmth of the car. 

I had this look in my mind since I spotted this knit on Zara - perfect color and shape! And I had it up to my ears all the time! Gosh, it was so cold. But the thing is, as my hair is still short (and I've wore short hair for many years) I've always had this thing for super warm scarves and knit that could go up to my ears so that I wouldn't feel the cold on my neck. I hate that, because if I don't have something warm to put around my neck, I may walk like Quasimodo, with my shoulders up for the coat to reach my neck. Crazy, I know.

I know this look is similar to a one I did last month - same shoes and skirt - but their favorites and if you love a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes just wear them! It doesn't care if you're repeating yourself as long as you feel happy with what you're wearing - a good motto

And my Nike Air force 1 just arrived! So, so happy! I'll be showing you them soon on the blog.

Have a warm day!


Knit - Zara Woman W/F 13
Skirt - Pull&Bear W/F 13 (you can find the same skirt now on the S/S collection)
Shoes - Bershka W/F 13
Sunglasses - Ray Ban 
Bag - Parfois W/F 12


  1. wow i love the outfit! :) and it looks so sunny! here in germany it is sadly so cold :(


    1. Thank you (:
      Don't be mistaken by the sunlight. It was so cold... and cloudy!

      maria xx

  2. Gabo-te a coragem, mas realmente faz toda a diferença no outfit ter as pernas 'de fora'. Mega elegante.


    1. Obrigado! Foi mesmo preciso ter coragem mas com collants, mesmo das normais, nao seria a mesma coisa e os meus pés iriam escorregar nos sapatos (hate that!)

      Maria x

  3. This outfit is lovely! I especially love the skirt, I've always wanted to own a good pencil skirt.


    1. Thank you! This skirt is my favorite - super classic and goes perfect with everything.

      Maria x