January 27, 2014

Cut-out Ankle Boots & Jeans

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Happy Monday, guys!
How it has been so far? Mine as been normal so far, with super winds and some sun. By the end of the afternoon I will get two new tattoos. Yeah, I know two tattoos at once! But their small so no big deal (I think, ahah). I'll be showing them to you on my Instagram and as soon as their healed I'll post a better photo of them here on the blog.

This outfit is one of my favorites, so far this year. Those ankle boots were a great buy and they are very comfortable, adding the smaller heel - the smallest I've got! Those jeans wore some what old and I decided to do a single cut on the knees just to changing them a bit instead of buying another pair. Due to wind my hair is on "i-don't-care-how-i-look" mode and I just gave up on trying make it look a little bit normal. It is growing so fast... But not fast enough! Damn. 
And we finally found a perfect spot to take the photos in our city. Because it is a historical city it's difficult to find some simple walls or some modern buildings with big walls (without any windows!). So last week we found this wall among the streets of √Čvora. It is huge and that old touch with the cement showing of is perfect. The pavement it isn't the best for heels, bigger or smaller, and it's a challenge to walk on these streets... It's all about how you place your feet, just to find the perfect stone and always maintain your posture. And if you stumble or fall, swear or laugh it off and keep going! I tend to swear a little... I can't help it, haha!

See you later!


Coat - Zara Woman W/F 13
Shirt - Zara Men S/S 13 (borrowed from my boyfriend)
Sunglasses - Ray Ban (borrowed from my boyfriend)
Jeans - Pull&Bear (old)
Ankle Boots - Bershka W/F 13
Bag - Parfois W/F 12


  1. Awesome pics
    Just loved


  2. I love the look of men's shirts and ankle boots combined. It's clean and refreshing.


  3. amazing look! I follow you blog. Hope you follow me back )))

    Best wishes!

  4. Love the shoes!