April 07, 2014

Black Tube & Denim

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Hello there again!
The weather was so good today. Reached 28ยบ C! YES! 
Here you have some outfit photos. Not the look I wore today (the photos turned out quite dark and the location wasn't the best). This was one outfit I had in mind for quite sometime and since we took several photos today, I decided to share these instead. 

I'm very happy with the result of this photoshoot! Light, location (that wall is my favorite in the city, as you may notice, hehe), outfit, the shape and my face/hair! This isn't very often.
This is one of my favorite combinations. That tube skirt is my favorite skirt at the moment but I try not to use it very often otherwise you'll get bored. The denim shirt gives a casual-chic touch to the whole outfit, keeping it cool. And of course, some gold goodies to light it up a little. Nothing more, and nothing less. The way I like! 
I'm so glad that this type of skirts are back. Not that I don't like a good mini-skirt but they tend to slide up when I'm walking and I'm always pulling them down. These always stay on knee high and give shape to your body, bringing back those sexy curves. Don't you agree?

Now, going to watch the last two episodes from Hannibal (it's such a cool series!!)



  1. I love how simple this outfit is to achieve and it look amazing on you

Emma| With A City Dream

  2. very cute look - i always love the combo of something as prim as a pencil skirt dressed down stylishly with a denim shirt.

    I'd love it if you'd also check out my blog: http://afashionneverland.blogspot.com/ xx

    1. Glad you like it, hun!
      Sure, I'll check it out (;

      maria xx

  3. Super cool pics :)
    Very nice outfit and post

  4. Loving this look a lot, that is exactly I would wear right now :)