April 06, 2014

Short Hair Issues

Happy Sunday, guys!

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday but I was so tired when I got home that I just layed in bed and listen to music and scrolled through Tumblr. 

When it comes to hair, I'm the most uncertain minded person you can know! When I see a cool hairstyle it gives me, instantly, this urge to go and shopped it off like that! In my teens, I used to have so many crazy hairstyles, but when I got to the university I settle down for something simple and since them I've kept it casual. But now, as I get older, I'm in a need to rock this hairstyle out and have something new. Like I said on a previous post, I've had this hairstyle for two years now (shaved it last summer but did the same last month) and it's starting to boring me. 

I've had done a similar post but on how to style your short-growing hair. But since it didn't work out for me (letting my hair grow, I mean),  today I decided to share some inspiration on Pixie Haircut and a cool way to style them - pulling the bangs back creating a silk and polished look. 
I shopped my hair a month ago but after seeing my last outfit photos and realizing that the copper color is still very visible, I've been thinking on going short again - meaning, cutting half of the bangs. It really is an addiction to have short hair - you are always wanting it to be shorter and shorter! And I love to see a gorgeous girl with short hair and a beautiful make-up, it reflects so much personality and sexyness. UFF!

The first photo shows how long your bangs should be (it can go a bit longer but never under you nose), and it's a cool way to wear them if you're just not in the mood to put products and style it. Wearing them down and messing them up it's awesome as well. 

The next four photos shows the silk polished look I was talking. the second photo shows something slightly different but yet cool - instead of pulling the bangs backwards just pull them up or to the side, and give them a little texture. I've been doing my research on how to style this types of haircut and there are two things we've always have to have: a teasing comb (super essential!) and a good product to give it shape, texture and endurance. Those girls look super gorgeous with that hair... You just don't have to be afraid of styling the way you want. Jazz it up, ladies!

I'm so into this right now... for Summer it's the best and with my simple style just gives it a little edge to the whole look. Stay tuned because soon I'll be cutting it again :p

See you later with some outfit photos!


photos from Tumblr and H&M 


  1. Great pictures! I think I will never bebrave enough to cut my hair soooo short.
    But I like making experiments with my hair and during last 5 years I have a trend of cutting them shorter and shorter.
    Good luck with your haircut!


    1. Well, it takes some guts to cut your hair this short if you have long hair for quite some time. I've always had short hair so it easy to go crazy with it :p
      But is like a therapy when you cut you hair, so keep making experiments with your hair. Have fun with it (;

      Maria xx

  2. ooo lovely post! I'm looking for some new hairstyles and hair colours for Spring too (probably seen it on my insta already haha)

    Keep it going!

    love, Skai x

    1. Yes, I've seen it! Lets have fun with our hair! :p

      Maria xx

  3. Ooh, this really makes me miss my pixie cut. I have bob length hair now after growing it out for a year and a half. But I sure miss having almost no hair...it was so much easier to handle.