August 14, 2013

Slide & Splash - Lagoa, Portugal

Photography by Me/Maria Marques
(except mine exiting the slide)

Hey, dears! So, one of the places I went with my boyfriend and his family, during my vacation last week, was to the Water Park named Slide & Splash. And OMG! I've never been on a park like that so you can imagine my inner child coming out, screaming my lungs out when sliding every slide on that park. It was amazing! My boyfriend's father was like "Maria, you gotta try this one, and that one, and the other one!", and I was like "Holy fuck, I'm gonna die!". We went on a easier one just to start slowly, and the guy said to me "You can scream as loud as you can", and I was like "Oh, don't worry, I will!". And I did. HAHA, I didn't have this much fun in months! And it is a good place to let your daily stress go due to adrenaline rush you have on every slide. I'm looking forward to go back there next year.  

Love, Maria

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