September 18, 2013

Today's Outfit - Blue it up

Hello, dears! Today I looked like this. It's still a little hot to wear blazer but I'm just sick of seeing them laying there, all alone in my closet. It is time to start wearing them again! This is a minimal look, almost all black, and this pattern skirt from Mike Davis makes the outfit stand out. I love this skirt! So light ans soft you can hardly notice you are wearing it. Pretty fresh for Spring and Summer. And it is the perfect piece for these last days of Summer. 

And I still go against everyone by wearing heels, but I just cannot resist... damn it! Why am I so stubborn? Geez. 

I know that it looks like I don't have any problems on my knees, but the fact is, and according to the doctor initial report, that my left knee as an injury on the external meniscus and sometimes it is very hard for me even to walk. And it got worse in the last three months. And the doctor forbidden me to dance, and I have loved ones saying to not wear heels and to just be still all day... BUT I CAN'T! It isn't in my nature to be still for more than a few hours...

Well, see you guys tomorrow.


Photography by Rui Ferreira

Sunglasses - Umbranded
Top . Pull&Bear S/S 13
Blazer - Pull&Bear W/F 12
Skirt - Mike Davis S/S 13
Shoes - Zara Basics W/F 13
Hanbag - Parfois 
Watch - Parfois W/F 13

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