January 31, 2014

Leather & Air Force 1

Photography by Rui Ferreira

FRIDAY! Yeah, finally. Though my days are almost spent at home doing some personal work, it's always good to be on Friday. And this weekend has so much fun schedule that I cannot wait. 

And here is today's outfit. The sky is as grey as my sweater and we're lucky to have taken those photos without rain. I'm so in love with my sneakers... How come I did not bought them sooner? No more money spent on loafers that I may only use once or twice, and start saving money to buy sneakers. They look so mush cooler and better with this type of style. And those leather pants were a super finding among Pull&Bear sales and they're super comfy because they're not that tight on the legs. Plus, grey sweater from H&M Men and a super warm knit scarf and I'm good to go. My hair just looks all kinds of crazy due to the wind but I just gave up on controlling him - it's a wild beast at this point!

Black, grey and white is such a perfect combo... And I'm more than happy that I redefined my closet  - one of my New Year's resolutions - and my style options. It is so good to go back to that sportish boyish yet feminine style. 

Now, back to the city!

See you guys later.


Sunglasses - Ray Ban
Sweater - H&M Men W/F 13
Pants - Pull&Bear W/F 13
Sneakers - Nike Air Force 1
Bag - Parfois W/F 12
Watch - Parfois W/F 13


  1. yeap I love your blog and I love your instagram as well. You have definitely gained a new follower.