January 31, 2014

Pick of the Day - Shopper Soft from Zara

Find it HERE

So, I'm one of those girls who cannot have a smaller handbag. I just can't function with them. Specially when I carry daily almost everything in my bag. But I may have to find a smaller one 'cause when we travel it is a big essential and I always tend to use my backpack. 
And my leather handbag that you guys have seen on the outfit post is starting the show their signs of constant use, SO I decided to start searching for another one, in different shape yet big. And Zara, as always, had the perfect one. Soft, minimal, with no pockets on the outside and a lot of space in side. Perfect! It is from their new collection. 
What do you think?

Have a warm night!



  1. I love the minimal look of this bag, It seems like a perfect everyday bag I could use to take to work.


    1. Me too!
      Lots of space in it and it still looks stylish.

      Maria x