March 25, 2014

Grey Spring Day

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Hello there, guys!

I'm so addicted to this music (Son Lux feat Lorde - Easy "Switch Screens") and it's beat... Lorde's voice is so cool in it, you gotta listen! With the volume up! It just makes me want to dance at the sound of the beat... Cool choreography that would come out.
I'm quite moody 'cause the good warm and sunny weather gave place to the grey skies and wind - even rain! Sun, where did you go, man? And the wind is so cold that makes you go and grab once again the coats, trench and cloaks you've started putting aside. Buh, I hate this sudden changes of weather, you never know what to wear. Still, I tried to keep it simple and still being warm, so I pulled out my cotton turtleneck, my wool cape - great piece, btw! - ripped jeans and heels, and I'm ready to face the grey spring days that has come since yesterday. 
But I'm quite happy 'cause I'm starting seeing some muscle again on those jeans! My workout routine is starting to show its results. Yeah!

Have a warm night!

Lots of Love,