March 24, 2014

Pick of the Day - Bucket Bag

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New week, new decisions!
Happy Monday, guys! In a few moments I'm starting my workout routine but first I want to share with something I've been looking for quite some time - the bucket bag! Even the name is cute. It's a perfect everyday bag, in a different size and shape. I'm not good with small bags so the ones I've pick have ate least 30cm on height. These are all from Zara - one of my favorite stores. Different designs and shapes but my favorite is the simple one, with no details (the bag itself is a detail!) and very affordable. Two of them has that boho/festival look to it with the fringes and braid details - which I think is cool but not my style - and the other two are more simple and minimal.

Click on the numbers to go to the online store.

Which one do you like, ladies?

Lot of Love
and see you later!


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