March 20, 2014

Leather Overalls & Stripes

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Spring is officially here! YES!

And my morning inspiration to write a suitable text here is just not flowing at all. So I'm just going to talk a little about what I'm wearing. I bought these overalls a few months ago, during sales time - of course I wasn't wearing them while raining and with tights (I hate tights!). And as the good weather has arrived I decided to give them a try. I'm definitely not used to have that much leg showing after spending the whole Winter wearing jeans, but I'm loving those overalls! That striped shirt was a gift from my boyfriend's father, from his store Mike Davis. And I think that is a good combo wearing heels with overalls - just gives a little touch to the whole look - tough I'm dying to wear these with some black espadrilles!

Now, back to work a little and them time to workout this body!

See you guys later!


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