March 18, 2014

1º Raid Solidario Assf - Coruche #EXTREMESPORTS

 the location

Hello there, sweeties!

Today I want to share with you something different from Fashion - Extreme Sports. 

I used to be a tomboy when I was younger and my love for sports grew during that time and is still a intense love affair - but in other categories like Dance and body workout. I used to do athleticism, played basketball, volleyball, did aerobic, ballroom dance, contemporary dance and ballet, and from this past year I've been doing some located workout routines just to keep my body in shape and fit - it's just something you have to.

And this is part of my lifestyle! Something I initially set out to post on the blog as well but got lost on the way. One of my purposes on the blog is to show my country and my way of living while still here. And this post is all about it!

So, last weekend we went to see my sister-in-law's boyfriend racing and it was the most eat-all-the-dirt-you-can-if-you-want-to-stay-closer-to-the-tracks Sunday of my life! I mean, my jacket turned brown and my flats as well - really bad idea to wear white flats for this type of events, STILL I was comfortable and that's all that matter. The sun was hot and shinning (when I got home I had a slight shape of the sunglasses on my cheeks and my legs wore soared after spending so much time standing) and we had amazing company and great food! 
I took over 340 photos (yes, a lot of photos!), but of course I selected some of what I thought were the best and captured the atmosphere to shared here with you. This is a passion of my boyfriend as well, in particular the ATV - though I do not know the names I still enjoy a good race. And this one had a particular purpose - the money acquired from this race was to buy an ambulance for a local city! Great work, guys! And Osvaldo ended up on 3rd place of his category - cool!

It really was a cool day and I hope I see more of these! And yes, tomorrow I'll be back with an outfit post! I just wanted to share this with you - I hope you liked the photos -, and I do hope you understand that sports is a part of who I am and how my body/mind are made.

Have a wonderful night and see you tomorrow!


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My sister-in-law's boyfriend / the location 

his motto 

my clean flats and my tomboy look, all before the races started!  

1st race - Buggy Race (I just love the name of these cars!) 

Two wheels motto race - Osvaldo race! Yap, he looks super dirty! 

ATV race - so cool! 

All photos and editing by Maria Marques