March 15, 2014

"What's the time fox?"

Photography by Rui Ferreira

Hey there, sweeties! 
So, how's your Saturday so far? 
I'm so in the mood for picking part of lyrics from current favorites songs... And this one is from The Jezabels - City Girl which I found on the H&M Spring Lookbook 2014 video on youtube - click here to see it - and this tittle is what I think when I look to the first photo of this post. 
One of the things I love is black and white photography - as you can see on this other tumblr of mine - 'cause they can make you wonder about the colors, and they tell a different story and set a different mood than in colors. And, after spent the last hour trying to decide on how to edit these photos - the sun was too bright and my skin was like yellow. ew! - I decided to try edit them in b&w. So, today I want to share with you our first b&w outfit photos. Since we took them in the middle of nowhere I thought they looked edgier like this ( still, I share in the end of the post some photos in color for you to see) though the outfit is kinda chic/classic, I think it turned out good. What do you think? 

Talking about this outfit: that white shirt is one of my favorite pieces in my closet (and definitely gotta get another one exactly the same) due to its soft floating material. The pants, another favorite! And the open zipper on the bottom just made all the difference, super cool. The shoes... I haven't wore then like in a year - really don't know why - and they are the highest I have so far. The color is perfect, and in patent nude, which is super chic and simple at the same time. The necklace was a gift from two years ago from my sister's best friend and - shame on me! - it's my first time wearing it. And the name on this post just goes perfect with it since it's one of those pocket watches but just the frame, in gold. The other accessories are what I always wear, my gold watch from Parfois and my boyfriend's Ray Ban Aviator. 

Have an amazing day!

Lots of Love,