December 27, 2014


Happy Saturday, guys! Sorry for the lack of outfit photos but my girl is out of town and I've been working nonstop this last week. But I promise to update it as soon as she gets here! Meanwhile, I want to share with you four timeless pieces that will look stunning on the wrist. Lately I've been looking for a classic, simple yet feminine watch to replace my gold and chunky that I have from Parfois. And these are my choices! The DW is a must-have and as soon as I get it I'll post a photo of it, but a gold watch is a thing of beauty and makes a fine accessory on it's own. After seeing this photo on Tumblr with the gold L&J, my jaw dropped from how good it looks! Of course these pieces are expensive but if you are like me, that no matter how much an item costs you take good care of it, a watch like this could last a lifetime in your hands. What's your favorite piece?



  1. Adorei o 1º e o último *O* adoro relógio simples!
    Beijinhos ♥

  2. Adoro o 1º sempre gostei, mas o 3 e o 4 deixaram-me colada ;)

  3. My pick is number #4. I could see that watch fitting quite well in my wardrobe. Now my wheels are turning, maybe I should look for a classic gold timepiece. Hmm.
    Texas Jak

    1. Glad you liked me choices! and the number #4 is beautiful!

      maria xx